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IT Service Management

  • ITIL®
  • Process Development, Documentation & Implementation
  • Governance - Operationalised!
  • Service Improvement

SIAM® (Service Integration and Management)

  • Management
  • Assurance
  • Governance
  • Integration
  • Coordination

Service Transition

  • IT Change Management
  • Project & IT Change Integration
  • Transition Concept
  • IT Transition Operational Models & Templates

Interim Management

  • CIO
  • IT Service Director
  • IT Service Manager
  • IT Department Manager
  • IT Operations Manager

Who did we help


  • Swedish/Nordic Retailer
  • Nordic/Global Bank
  • Nordic IT Company
  • Leading Service Management Course Providers
  • Oil & Gas Company

How did we help


  • Service Integration in a multi vendor environment, ensuring end-to-end delivery of all outsourced services with focus on the end-user experience.
  • Fulfiled Interim Management roles ensuring leadership & staff development in several IT departments.
  • Developed and operationalised service department strategy delivering the baseline for future business development
  • Delivered training capabilities to several ITIL® courses with a very high successrate in satisfaction & certification achievements
  • Advisory & guidance in relation to IT Service outsourcing establishing clear visibility on deliverables, responsibilities and service levels
  • Operationalising and quality assurance on end-to-end outsourced IT Service making sure the strategy and designed of services were implemented according to agreement
  • True global IT Change Management process development, documentation as well as tool & organisational implementation were successful and achieved the agreed goals & benefits deifined by the customer.


Carsten is highly skilled in is field and where very sympathic and creative to work with, while he was very professional and showed great integrity.

Carsten leaves no loose ends.




Carsten is extremely high skilled within the area of Service Management. He is an excellent leader always dedicated to the tasks and to the people around him. Carsten make things happen and with success. He has a great sense of humour and is a fantastic person to work with.





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